A Deep Dive into Measurement Tools

George S. Maier Company Blog: A Deep Dive into Measurement Tools


Video Inspection


When it comes to the world of video inspection, OGP MeasureX Video Inspection Systems (formerly known as RAM Optical) stands tall as a leader. For over 75 years, OGP has been offering dimensional metrology systems that guarantee high accuracy and reliability. With a track record of pioneering multisensor measurement systems equipped with vision, touch probe, and laser sensors, OGP has consistently been at the forefront of addressing challenging measurement issues. The world’s top manufacturers entrust their product quality to OGP systems. Let us be your partner in ensuring the finest quality for your products.


Optical Comparators


Dorsey Optical Comparators are a testament to the importance of attention to detail in the optical field. As one of the last domestically manufactured optical comparator product lines, Dorsey’s products are built on a strong foundation of stability and accuracy.

If you’re considering purchasing an optical comparator, here are key points to ponder:

1. Light Path: Determine whether a Vertical or Horizontal light path suits your application.

2. Screen and Stage Size: Decide on a screen size based on the part’s visibility needs and ensure the stage size, travel, and weight capacity fits the parts intended for measurement or inspection.

3. Lens Selection: Use the provided chart to match lens magnification with discernible resolution.

4. Readout/Software: Decide between overlays, a basic XY digital readout, or software with geometric capability depending on your needs.

5. Tooling & Options: Ensure workpieces are properly and securely held for optimal repeatability and accuracy.


J&L Metrology


Experience enhanced precision with Epic Vision Horizontal Benchtop and choose between the range of Metlogix Geometric Display Options for an intuitive measurement experience.


CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines)


Helmel American-made CMMs are designed to provide a precise 3D measurement of manufactured items, with sizes ranging from 8” x 12” x 8” to an impressive 72” x 120” x 40”. Their machines are shop-floor capable and come equipped with industry-standard software options.

Thread Gages and Pin Gage Fixed Limit Gaging

Dive into the history and benefits of ‘Attribute’ or ‘Fixed Limit’ gages. Understand the significance and the unparalleled advantages of fixed limit gaging. Glastonbury Southern Gage offers a variety of these tools that are made from durable materials like steel, chrome, or carbide.

To get the most out of your gages, familiarize yourself with the definitions and terms provided. Recognize the two main types of fixed limit gages: those used for inspecting inside diameters (ID’s) and outside diameters (OD’s).

In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, the tools and techniques we use for measurement play a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and accuracy of the final product. George S. Maier Company prides itself on providing the best of these tools, so you can be confident in the quality of your products. Visit our website to explore our range of products and services.