Discover a world of precision with George S. Maier Company. Our seasoned team is ready to serve your measurement needs with our services:

  • Repairs: Keep your tools in peak shape. From tweaks to major fixes, we bring back full functionality, cutting down on disruptions and boosting your output.
  • Calibrations: Trust your measurements. We use top-tier equipment to make sure your tools are accurate, ensuring you maintain high-quality standards.
  • SPC Implementation: Boost your manufacturing quality control. Let us customize Statistical Process Control strategies just for you, refining your processes.
  • On-Site Training: Master your equipment. With hands-on demos, we’ll guide your team through the nuances of using and maintaining your measurement tools effectively.
  • RAM Programming & Fixture Creation: Streamline your operations. We customize solutions that enhance your measurements’ speed and accuracy.
  • Custom Gage Development: Need something special? We create measurement tools tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Consulting: Navigate complex decisions with ease. Our experts will guide you in picking the right tools, streamlining workflows, and more.
  • Used Equipment Market: Upgrade or sell with confidence. We ensure every piece of equipment meets top standards, giving you peace of mind in every purchase.

Why Choose Us...

1. Global Representation:
As ambassadors for some of the world’s top manufacturers in metrology equipment and gaging, we bring international standards right to your doorstep.

2. Precision Measuring Equipment:
Our partnerships ensure you have access to the very best in the industry.

3. Unmatched Experience:
With over 75 years in the metrology field, our expertise is unrivaled in the mid-Atlantic region.

4. Customized Solutions:
Your inspection requirements are unique. Leveraging our vast array of metrology tools, we craft solutions tailored just for you.

5. Extensive Regional Coverage:
Our legacy in the mid-Atlantic ensures that whether you’re in Harrisburg or Philadelphia, York, or Lancaster, we’re there for you.