SprintMVP 624
  • SprintMVP 624

SprintMVP 624

XYZ Travel: 624 x 624 x 200 mm
Extended Z Travel: 300 mm

Productivity on the Shop Floor

SprintMVP 624 is a large capacity, fully automatic, 3 axis dimensional measuring system. It features a high precision moving bridge and optics, for measurement of larger, heavier parts.

SprintMVP Features:

  • Massive granite base for stability
  • Moving bridge design, ideal for large heavy parts
  • 0.5 micron scales on XY&Z standard
  • Fully automatic – 3 axis joystick control
  • Motorized zoom lens system, with 35x to 175x magnification
  • LED backlight, top light and high intensity ring light standard
  • Color camera
  • Optional touch probe and DRS laser

Software That Makes Measurements Simpler

QVI Measure-X software makes it easy to measure parts or create automatic measurement routines. FeatureFinder makes it easy to measure any feature in the video window instantly. If CAD files are available, just download the DXF and let Measure-X create the program for you. AutoCorrelate lets you stage and measure parts without fixturing.

XYZ Travel: 624 x 624 x 200 mm
624 x 624 x 300 mm


RAM SprintMVP 624

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