Send in a broken tool, get quoted cost of repair vs cost of new before repairs begin. Send the tool, repair needed, and your contact information.


Get your tools, large or small, calibrated through us.  Get a quote ahead of time, or just send them in with tool, calibration needed, and your contact information.

SPC Implementation 

Software set-up and/or implementation assistance.

On-Site Demos 

Interested in a product but not sure if the features will work for you?  Request an in-person product demo at any time. *certain products require advanced scheduling.


Need to be trained or have employees that need trained on a piece of equipment? We offer full day or half day training sessions on select pieces of equipment. 

RAM Programming and Fixture Creation

Need a RAM Program written or specific fixture created? We can help! 

Custom Gage Development 

Work with us to create gages specific to your parts.  Send us your part, print, or model, tell us what features you need to check, and your allowable tolerances. We'll pair you with the right people to design the gages to inspect your parts.

Measurement and Gage Consulting 

Have a part that you don't know how to measure or what gage to use? We work with industry leaders to advise you on what would work best. 

Buying & Selling Used Equipment 

Looking for used equipment? Let us know what you’re looking for, either actively or passively so we can keep you on our list!  We have a wide variety of used equipment swiftly moving in & out.   

Trying to sell your used equipment?  We may be interested. Just contact us with details about what you’re selling.