Mitutoyo PJ-H30 Series 303-Profile Projector

By separating axial motion, and stabilizing the XY measuring table in the vertical direction, high measuring accuracy of (3+0.02L)μm has been achieved on the PJ-H30 Series Profile Projectors. Focusing is accomplished by moving the screen head itself up & down with the hand wheel or motorized unit. The power focusing (PJ-H30D type) provides higher performance.

  • Newly designed optical system with high NA lenses provide drastically brighter and clearer screen images during surface illumination.
  • The three-lens mounting turret includes a 10X lens as standard. Four types of projection lenses (5X, 20X, 50X, 100X) are available.

Technical Data

  • Projected image: Erect image Protractor screen
  • Effective diameter: 306mm (12”)
  • Screen material: Fine ground glass
  • Screen rotation: ±360°, fine feed and clamp
  • Angle display: Digital counter (LED)
  • Resolution: 1’ or 0.01° (switchable)
  • Range: ±370° ABS/INC mode switching,
  • Zero Set Reference line: Cross hair line
  • Projection lens: 10X (172-472) Optional: 2X, 20X, 50X, 100X
  • Lens mount: 3-lens mounting turret
  • Magnification accuracy
  • Contour illumination: ±0.1% or less
  • Surface illumination: ±0.15% or less
  • Maximum workpiece height: 105mm
  • Contour illumination Light source: Halogen bulb (24V, 150W)
  • Optical system: Zoom Telecentric system
  • Functions: Brightness adjustment, Heat- absorbing filter, Cooling fan
  • Surface illumination Light source: Halogen bulb (24V, 150W)
  • Optical system: Vertical / oblique illumination with an adjustable condenser lens
  • Functions: Non-stepped brightness adjustment, Heat-absorbing filter, Cooling fan Manual focus or Power drive
  • Resolution: 0.001mm or .0001”/0.001mm
  • Power supply: 100 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Mass: 176kg - 212kg

Optional Accessories

172-271: 5X projection lens

172-472:10x projection lens-(standard accesory)

172-473: 20X projection lens

172-474: 50X projection lens

172-475: 100X projection lens

172-116: Standard scale (50mm) 

172-117: Standard scale (2")

172-118: Reading scale (200mm) 

172-161: Reading scale (300mm) 

172-119: Reading scale (8")

172-162: Reading scale (12")

12AAG981: Green filter

965014: SPC cable (2m) 

12AAD196: QM-Data 200 connecting kit (for D Type only) 

383876: Vinyl cover (standard accessory) 

172-269: Machine stand

512305: Halogen bulb (24V, 150W) (standard accessory)

QM DATA200: 2-D processing unit

332-151: Optoeye Edge detction ssystem for QM-Data 200

12AAE671: Detector Attachment

Fixture and Stage accessories

172-198: Rotary table (Effective diameter: 100mm) 

176-305: Rotary table (Effective diameter: 183mm) 

176-306: Rotary table (Effective diameter: 240mm) 

176-105: Swivel center support (Max. workpiece dia.: 70mm)

172-197: Swivel center support (Max. workpiece dia.: 80mm) 

176-107: Holder with clamp

172-378: V-block with clamp (Max. workpiece dia.: 25mm) 

176-317: Fixture mount adapter

176-304: Fixture mount adapter


Dimensions PJ-H30

Dimensions of PJ-H30 Series 303-Profile Projectors

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Series 303 Specifications

PJ-H30 Series 303-Profile Projectors Specifications

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